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  Anonymous User
  Friday, August 05, 2022
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Can you PLEASE make an add in tool for MS Access? I am having a bear of a time. I am importing a HUGE .csv file to Access that contains >4 million rows of data. Three of the fields that I import in are somehow importing as "Double" in Access so it is adding 2 decimals to the numbers in these 3 columns. ((( I also parse out the file into smaller files that I can work with in Excel and I do have Kutools but can't find a fix for this issue there. I make some updates to the smaller xlsx files and then I reimport them back into Acceess and append all to one big table that I will then export out in .csv format))) These columns are "dates" but they are not formatted on the original output as dates, and because there are so many rows - access is the only thing I can use to try to manipulate the file. However - NOTHING I do in Access keeps the decimals from appearing when I export it back out to .csv format. The 'dates' in the column look like this: 4302023 (which is April 30, 2023) and I need it to show with a leading zero for ONLY the months of Jan-thru-Sept. I need it to look like this in Access and export it to look this same way as; 04302023 to csv. What it is doing is exporting with |04302023.00| in my pipe-delimited export to .csv. OR it exports as 4302023 -without the leading zero for the months of Jan to Sept. :( HELP !!!! I don't write code so I can't do much more...
1 year ago
Hi there,

Thank you so much for your trust and your time. However, we currently do not have a plan to make an add-in for MS Access.

If you have questions about Excel, Word or Outlook, please don't hesitate to post here :D

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